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I have a problem. It says on the start here tutorial "make sure you buy analogue" but i went out and bought digital sensor-wise. My question is, how would one wire the DIRRS+ to my picaxe 28x board?

Thanks alot!

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wait! please 5 minutes?



correct, since you're using pin1 it should be as follows: 

Serin 1,N4800,(%10101010),b0 

i re wired it because i was using pin 5 for the output which was already being used by my L293D
as for now we don't need the output pin. The manual says it (the sensor) just transmits data at a constant rate without needing input, so the output won't be of use (it would have been if we would have used another type of data transferring method).
is 4.5 v enough?
should be, manual says 5V and does not specify else.

it still isn't working

i soldered badly is it okay if it is touching two input pins?

it shouldn't be a problem for now, but i don't think you should solder wires on your board unless you want it to be permanent. Try making it 5 volts, i remember that once it helped me.

how do i make it 5V, i  only have a three AA battery holder thingy?