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I have a problem. It says on the start here tutorial "make sure you buy analogue" but i went out and bought digital sensor-wise. My question is, how would one wire the DIRRS+ to my picaxe 28x board?

Thanks alot!

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The 5v shouldn't be the problem, you should re-check everything with a multimeter (in case you have one), also try reading the manual. Maybe i missed out something, but i am not sure. (unfortunately i have to go, i'll have a look at the datasheets again later)
Thank you for all your time and effort!
you can check the results by adding "debug" before "goto START" to check your results on the pc (the picaxe must be wired via the download cable to the pc).
thanks CaptainTuna

it's in the datasheet. 

pin1 goes to ground

pin2 to the output pin of the 28x

pin3 goes to +5V

pin4 input pin of the 28x 


Ah, don't worry about it being digital instead of analogue, we'll make it work. 

There are two ways to make it work:

- hack it (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2611 )

- use it the digital way

i'd say...hmm...use it the digital way, you'll also learn a bit of software commands this way. 

the wiring for the digital way are the ones i have written on top. You should maybe refer to this to understand where digital pins and v+ and ground are located on your board: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/75 

Once you get your wirings tell me and we'll proceed to software. 

i wired it

Where do I wire the pins to, and how do I use it the digital way? (This is my first robot, I'm really bad at this)

Thank you so much!