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List of good online shops for bot parts

I was wondering where online most of you go to shop for parts? Can we construct a master list of important websites here?

This list is from the URLs I've gathered from the various tutorials:

Did I miss any? Should this be added to a wiki page with categorization?

It would also been good to have a link on the component pages to where you can order the parts that are described.

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RF Solutions have some good and easy to implement radio modules - I used to work for them and so I might be a little biased. But I think that you could use their RDF1 radio module as a neat little RC on any simple robot. I have used it to control a robot arm in the past and it worked quite well as you can press and hold one button whilst pressing and releasing others. Often on telemetry kit this isn't the case which means a single action at a time for your robot which is a pain!

It does only have 4 channels though... 

I think it's pretty good...Hopefully can post some pics of it in my Robo arm soon... 

Tom - Robo newbie! 



Chinese, great grab bags, solar panels, etc. Watch for backorders that will hold everything in the Far East till all the items arrive.


Just set-up a a new on-line shop, focused mostly on Arduino-compatible boards, with some really cool "nano-sized" robot controller boards, as well as Arduino Leonardo-compatible designs!  Also have some PIC robot boards as well, as well as stand-alone "3-wire" motor driver boards running locked-antiphase.

See: http://cal-eng.com/  or http://cal-eng.ca/

Comments welcome here or anywhere!  :)

Mouser.com is very good for components.



and techsupplies (already posted) got me everything i needed for my first robot


This new company has some nice holonomic platforms, if you can afford it:


The price of kit 10006 is 1280 usd and kit 10011 is 1380 usd.

farnell.com in most countries, has most general electronic components

hobbeyking.com RC stuff mainly, but a lot of it like motors and batteries is just as useful for us.

3 sites I have used in the UK:

www.techsupplies.co.uk     - Pretty much the source of all things Picaxe, but not the cheapest.

www.technobotsonline.com - These guys do most components, motors, servos, wires et al (including Tamiya track/wheel set etc, Picaxe, Arduino and some Solarbotics things) Also, free UK mainland delivery on orders of £30 or more (it says 35, but I got it at 30 <shrug>) I found their pricing very reasonable.

www.active-robots.com        - anything else those other 2 don't. You can choose to have a simple mount kit (and cable if applicable) for sensors from here for an extra couple of pounds.

All 3 sites accept PayPal, which is always good :-)



You can get some small parts laser cut for free at http://www.CutYourWay.com
the sample sizes are only a couple of inches but they are completely free, incuding shipping.

how do you get the free sample

nevermind I think i figured it out