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My R2-D2

This is my fully functional scratch built R2-D2 with spinning dome and openning panels including accuating arms

…a long time ago…about 25 years ago actually I made a lifesize rc R2 out of cardboard, sweat and a lot of tape. It made it through one sf convention before I had to mothball it because of rain the very next day, lol. Now after a long thought process over the years and after visiting so many conventions (last being the celebration III and IV). I decided this is it. I love a challenge, I’ve love the entire astrodroid concept as well as Star Wars (of course) and face it R2’s the real hero. So this is my attempt to recreate a hero to us all R2-D2

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Looks like those scout troopers took R2 hostage. Better grab a blaster and kick thier @ss LOLz


Wow, it's beautiful!



I 100% agree with this statement "I love a challenge, I’ve love the entire astrodroid concept as well as Star Wars (of course) and face it R2’s the real hero."

Are you sure you didn't just hire a midget to go into the shell? LOL Nice job though. More if a fan of the scout troopers in the back of the picture though :D

OOOOh!! it's...it's..... it's awesome! you did a great huge job!! One day I will build one! I love it! so cute.. but.. did you buy all the pieces including the frame?

Can I come over and play one day? I'm sure you have the coolest stuff. Really I'm quite impressed, your attention to detail, realism and functionality put your bot a cut above. I look forward to your future contributions to the site.

The word “WOW” just doesn’t elaborate how much I really appreciate all of the kind comments from you and everyone else at the LMR. In all honesty almost anyone can do what I did. It just took a lot of time and patience. At mid-point of building my artoo I was really about to just give up because all of those details you mentioned were just a pile of parts on my living room floor. I even had a few setbacks with my “skinning” process around the frame that forced me to take a new approach. It was more the 2 sets forward 1 set back approach during the entire building process. I am very glad that all of you can understand that it wasn’t built overnight.

I have to also admit that many of LMR's smaller robot creations have given me zillions of ideas to make my up and coming robot projects super cool

Amazing! Ever thought of making it autonomous?
actually after seeing everyones work here at LMR I'm kind of wanting to do that for my second artoo or possibly for my up and coming 1:1 scale Wall e project.
after seeing all you've done it looks like it's gonna be the easiest part for you to handle!