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What are the thoughts on source code managment for projects hosted on LMR?

I'm just throwing this out there, because we could all share our source(for those who want to) as well as keeping backups and shareing knowledge.

Since the source code is usually smaller than most images that are posted, it wouldn't add that much space ot the current load that the servers have. This would also be great for collaboration efforts for a lot of the folks here.


Any thoughts, possibilities??

Some file SCM's are SVN, Mercuial,  GIT

more info here

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Project management without proper projects? So far we've mostly been exchanging pieces of code to inspire and teach each other.

However, I do see a use for a searchable library of code snippets. A special section in the forum would suffice for that.


LMR can pioneer this idea: 


The potential for developing a change control system for a large library of "parts" is brilliant. People could "check out" a piece of code and if they modif it, check it back in again.
Liking this idea better already. Software parts (snippets) that would be improved upon each time someone implemented one in his project (or her). The next person to check out the part would receive all the improvements people checked in.
i forsee some problems with the picaxe code-parts if we don't adhere to some standard for using variables. You dont want someone to mess up your symbol assignments because they've changed them before checking the code back in.

I definitly agree with you here, I do see various issues which  would be why we would want to instill some sort of coding policy or practices that people should follow.

I know this may be a lot to ask, but at the same time, access to certain code sections could be restricted to certain members for checking in code, but checking out code would be allowed.

support classes with its code?


Im writing something in processing that i hope other people will use, im writing it as a class so that people can use it easily and extend on it. Could be a way round a few problems.  

common classes is a terrific idea

what if someone changes a posted snippet for the worse?

Instead, they should just be able to post their own, and name it "version x+1" and let others rank them or something ....

The point of the source code managment is that it allows for multple iterations with the same name. if somebody decides to comepletely hose it, we could go back to a good version prior to the last update(s).

The file repo has so many great features to it, you can compare versions, see what the developer noted  and all sorts of other things without having to bring the source to your machine and scoure it for changes....

I'm all for a class library btw.