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List of good online shops for bot parts

I was wondering where online most of you go to shop for parts? Can we construct a master list of important websites here?

This list is from the URLs I've gathered from the various tutorials:

Did I miss any? Should this be added to a wiki page with categorization?

It would also been good to have a link on the component pages to where you can order the parts that are described.

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This site is so cheap I can hardly believe it. Has a pretty wide selection of components also. Check out the "gold packs" and "assortments" if you just want lots of parts for cheap. Great if you're new like me and want a stock of parts for tinkering.


Tried them. I had to email them 3 weeks later to even find out why the heck my CC hadn`t been billed yet. Turns out they deleted my order without notifying me because my billing address and shipping address are different. The form has 2 address blocks but their system can`t handle it??

By the time I got a reply from them, their motor specials had expired. Then they never replied to my question if using a different credit card would make the order go smoother. I just gave up. I`ll get my swarm bot motors from solarbotics who actually look after their customers. I`m happy to tell everyone about my experience though.

Bottom line: Worst customer service I have ever had. That being said, YMMV.

Yeah, I like Electronic Goldmine as well. Shipping costs can be a bit high so I usually try to make sure I'm ordering a lot before I place an order.

They have some limitations on where they will ship. For example, I've been told they dont' ship to the UK.

add www.futurlec.com

Great site! Many nice deals, specially their Resistor packs!

Also seeedstudio:


Great deals! Love em.

futurlec is cheap and perfect... as long as you don't need your stuff in less than 2 months...
Robotshop.us/ca/etc is another great place to get just about anything, except individual electronic compenants. I got everything i needed for the start here robot from there
what about Robot Italy?

A selection of parts are available in Australia from Robot Gear,  http://www.robotgear.com.au.

- I also wish to disclose that this is my shop so not appropriate for me to spam you all on price or service here. I've posted because this does seem relevant to NinjaTech's question.

G'day Ninja Tech. Welcome, we need more Aussies.

As well as the shops mentioned by Ant I would also suggest Ocean Control. They now stock some Pololu parts such as Arduino, Xbee, LCD displays, gyro and accelerometer breakout boards etc.

If your desperate for a specialised electronic component such as high intensity IR LEDs, surface mount components etc then Farnell will probably have it but will charge a fortune for it.

For minature servos I've found SC models to be reasonably cheap. They don't have a lot of range and are often out of stock but postage in Australia is included in the price.

I agree with you that Newark/Farnell over charge for parts even for decent quantities. I haven't had much luck with national companies like Allied, Digikey, Newark, Mouser.

 Now I go with the smaller local guys if I need any parts.