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Motor Mount & Wheel Kit with Position Controller

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Finally your robot can have the mobility and style it deserves! With the Motor Mount and Wheel Kit (#27971), powerful 12 VDC motors are combined with precisely machined aluminum hardware to provide the power, strength, and beauty demanded by your mid-sized robot. All custom parts are CNC machined in-house at Parallax headquarters in Rocklin, CA. The mounting block makes securing this kit a breeze; and the included 6 inch (15.3 cm) pneumatic rubber tires are durable enough to handle a variety of smooth or rugged terrains without hesitation. The included Position Controllers use a quadrature encoder system to reliably track the position and speed of each wheel and report the data on demand. They can also be interfaced with HB-25 motor controllers (#29144; sold separately) to automatically provide smooth speed ramping and accurate position control. This leaves the main processor free to handle more important tasks like reading GPS coordinates, processing sensors, and maneuvering complex environments.



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