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Wireless Control for Robotics

Vendor's Description: 

Control your Boe-Bot wirelessly using RF communication. The MEMSIC 2125 accelerometer allows you the ability control the direction of your Boe-Bot by tilting your homework board. A tilt motion sensor for easy control.


  • No wires needed for control.
  • Freedom to control your robot up to approximately 150 feet (line of sight).
  • Easy to set up with step by step instructions written by Andy Lindsay (Author of “Robotics with the Boe-Bot).

Kit Contents:

Downloads and Resources:
Stamps in Class Forum
BASIC Stamp Homework Documentation v1.3 (.pdf)
433 mHz Parallax RF Receiver Manual (.pdf)
433 mHz Parallax RF Transmitter Manual (.pdf)
Stamps in Class Memsic Tutorial (.pdf)
Memsic 2125 Demo Kit Documentation (.pdf)
Stamps in Class Tilt Display Control (.pdf)



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I soooo need me one of these, they are sweet!

I come to LMR to see the creative ways people put together robots.  It really detracts from the site when the front page is mostly product promotions!

 Admins: Please remove these posts by TheGrue.

This is actually linked from a post with a rather detailed project on a bot he's working on.

 This is also placed in the component section which to me makes it legitimate....no?

I am not promoting Parallax and did not mean to offend anyone. I was faced with the dilema of either adding all of the parts in this kit separately or just the kit and let others look at the parts in the kit. I admit that I used the descriptions from the Parallax site. I thought that it would be more useful to all interested, but if you would like, I will remove all of the descriptions and just ad a link to the parts on the Parallax site for those that are interested.

Also, I note in my TOBI project that I will use the RF and Accelerometor with PropStick instead ot BS2 Homework board. This leaves me with free and complete BS2 system for future testing and projects. As I do not have a complete SPIN application yet for controlling the HB-25's and Position controllers, I will the test code initially that runs on BS2 using this board.

There are plenty of BS2 examples to control the parts of my TOBI and I will write my own SPIN versions and assign each a separate core of the Propeller Chip.

Hi TheGrue,

When I first posted, I didn't understand that we can post components as well as robot projects.  Your posts seem like a perfect use of the "Components" section.

 By the way, your robot looks very impressive!  I'm looking forward to updates on that project.

Sorry about my misinformed complaint.


I would not consider them offensive at all, but more detail than I've actually put on in my robots. I hope to learn from your example, to be a bit more throrough in posting projects. Thank you for the details and references.
This is no way spam, just components, blah blah. But I am glad he posted this, I extremely want one of these!!!