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Difference between 2 capacitor values


I am trying to get all the parts for a second IR upgrade pack for my robot.

So far I will be able to roder all th parts exept one : the capacitor, on tecksupplies the only one that seems to match is called a 4u7 capacitor, the paper that came with the upgrade package sais I need a 4.7uF one. Is there a difference between the 2 values or is just a diffrent way of writing it ? it.   

And if the 21 values do not meen the same thing would anybody have a spare one I could buy of them ?

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Based on this cap ident page, you should be good. They use an example with nanofarads(in green).

This is a pretty common cap that you should be able to find easily(radioshack?)

4u7 = 4.7uF. Likewise, 4.7Kohm resistor is also sometimes written as 4K7. I think it's because you might not see the '.' if you are in a hurry or something like that.

jka described it well. Those are different ways to write down the same thing. Here's a third: 0.0000047 Farad.

On this website I googled, you will find even more and some decent explainations.You will notice that on the actual parts, the notation is often different again.



Thanks !!!! i will order the pats asap so that i can add a great fuctionality to my robot!