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"Dave" - the Differentially Driven Two Wheeled Robot

Navigate Around Obstacles, Remote Controlled via Nunchuck

I have attached some images of my first robot. It is built around a pololu round chassis, tamiya twin motor gearbox, and tamiya off road wheels along with a ball caster (also made by tamiya). There is a second deck made from some blue HIPS, and it runs off of 4 AAs and a 9v battery. The "brains" are simply an atmega8 and an L293d along with supporting circuitry. I aim to make this into a sumo and line following robot, however I wanted baseline electronics, chassis and control code to start with. The control software is written in C along with avr studio and winavr, at the moment it has two modes - autonomous with input via two NO switches, and an I2C interface with a nunchuck for wired remote control. I had originally used a Bit bashed SPI interface with a Dualshock controller, however the extra buttons, code space and I/O pins required for this made switching to the Nunchuck an easy decision. The control algorithms and software structure for this project are very simple at the moment:

 [semi-pseudo code]

Print Select Mode to LCD

If Right Switch && Left Switch are pressed

Wait 2 Seconds

If Right Switch && Left Switch are still pressed

Enter into Mode1

Else enter  Mode2


Mode1: (remote control)

Initiate I2C interface with nunchuck

Read relevant analog and button data

Process button data and output to forward, backward and turning motors

Go to Mode 1


Mode2: (autonomous)

Go forward

If left switch is pressed && right switch isn't

Turn right

If right switch is pressed && left isnt

Turn left

if right switch && left switch are pressed


Go to Mode2


I have attached some pictures of the current robot, and I hope to update when I have the line following and edge detection worked out..








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It was originally going to be 'mega 168 controller, however [what I believe to be] static electricity from my dogs' noses caused the IC to unexpectedly fail..

It is programmed in the C language using AVR studio, winavr and AVRdude for the programming.

So much better than the basic stamp etc. :)



Okay sure.

I could post some video now of the nunchuck and autonomous control, except it would be rather boring to watch.