Let's Make Robots!

new project: the critter in the terrarium

 the idea is simple

there is a terrarium (a box)

inside the terrrarium there is a critter which lives forever

the terrarium have a refuel station able to recharge critter batteries

1) when the critter is full of energy it lives:

roam the terrarium and interact with enviroment :respond to sounds, make sounds,  blink lights according ecc

it's able to detect environment light level then respect a day/night behaviour cyle

2) when the critter is low battery it head to refuel station and acquire electrical lock with it

then stand still recharging batteryes till full energized, then back to life


the battery will be a 3x 280mAh (check picture)

so the cpu will be picaxe






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in the second video you can see how to obtain a very thin ir beam

using and offsett drilled plate is better than a tube... because the inner of the tube deflect rays and produce a more smooth output beam

thanx for the answer!

i commit the mistake of do not breadboard the audio-in with motor powered on :\

anyway no problem. i will hear the enviroment only when bot is still




I was wandering if there a simpler circuit to detect sound level?

i got a problem with AUDIO IN circuit (chack schematics)

it works perfectly when mortors are still.. but when motors go on it's a mess!

obviusly the hi-gain op-amp amplify all the noise from the motors and it saturate.



I don't suppose you could separate power supplies on this little critter?

Maybe you should not try to suppress motor noise specifically. Try to block ALL frequencies, except for a very few that you DO want to "hear". Like the frequencies that are carred by an (old fashioned) telephone network. Dunno, maybe from 1000 to 8000 Hz?

Some other bard will have to explain which capacitors you would need for that.

hahaahah GREAT link!!

it's exactly what i am doing now with my critter project

i will read that site carefully

many THANX!!

posted new video


the audio level recognition works fine

it will be able to respond to sound pressure levels of the enviroment as clapping hand or the silence of the night  and so on

it will behave according to those stimuli....

LDR provide anvironamental light level..

in a dark and silend environment it will fall asleep and snore...a buzzer will provide the voice

i am able to control the volume of the buzzer thanks to extra circuitry

it's a dual op amp

one half conftrol volemue of the buzzer

the other half amplify the mic for sound recognition

this is the schematic






-2 Contact feelers (hands)

- environament LDR sensor

- environment sound pressure sensor (ears)

- directional modulated ir rensor to head to the batt charger (smell)



-2 geared motors (legs)

-2 red led (eyes)

- pezo buzzer for voise (voice)



.... i know, there is not a front sensor able to range obstacles :\



i am a little in trouble

i have to develop a subsystem able to detect anvironment audio pressure level

if i clap hand it have to recognize the round and react

it have to be able to know if the environment is silent or not

i have done a simple test connecting scrapped mobile mic with oscilloscope

but the signal is very very very low

amplyfing it coul be tricky for me...

is there another simple solution?


I don't know much about this but doing a few quick searches:

http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-Simple-Audio-Amplifier/ this is probably much more than you need.

There is a chip the LM386 and other similar ones here is a data sheet: 


Maybe something to look at. This is probably stupidly unhelpful as I don't really know much about amplifiers.