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how do I inverse a number?

Man, I used to know this but tonight, I just can't seem to get it back... If I have a variabe that is coming in at between 0 and 255 and I need it inverted so that 0 is now 255 and 255 is now 0, what is the equasion? This should be so simple, I just can't seem to remember how to do it!

C'mon math Gods, gimme what you got!!

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Ha I was surprised someone as smart as you, CTC, wouldn't know how to do that XD.

don't you just shift a bit over 1? picaxe can do this....

edit: sorry being mental, I read it in the same area, the command is REV....

My boy, I think you've got it! (English accent)
I love how I went with the hard solutions first.

Your first way was just as easy but CTC was too lazy to RTFM!


picaxe does not do negitive numbers...
255 - your number the result is the inverse.
I need it in picaxe --it has to be a if/ then or a add and subtract kinda thing..

your number - 255

if result is < 0 then multiply by -1

Convert to 8 bit binary and NOT it. 01010101 becomes 10101010