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Mounting brackets for SRF05 (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

SRF05 is still IMHO the best low-cost distance sensor.

And there is still no good / smart / fancy / easy / pro / cheap way to mount the darn thing on a turning neck / servo / front..

We now have a good contact to DAGU from China who makes cheap and cool robot-stuff.

So.. I thought.. Why don't we make some suggestions to how we would like such a mounting thing(ey) shaped and made? And then ask Jack from DAGU if he could start producing it?

This was my idea.. and now I need your help and ideas towards the design :)

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This is amazing! I have seen this mount (and Mr. General) before but it want not until OddBot sent me a link to his prototype that I understood how it came to be. I just want to say congratulations to Dagu for being a manufacture who knows their customer, listens to them, and creates a great product and a big THANK YOU to all on LMR who get this kind of stuff done!

Yes, it's cool.. But it appears to me that DAGU are making the brackets without the link printed on them - If that is true, I think that is kind of uncool!

Unfortunately business is not always cool. Most distributors did not want the the link printed on the side. I still pass the link on to those who might be interested.

What distributers stock the ones with the link printed?

I'd like to support these! :)

Active Robots sells these mounts for Sharps and SRF's (UK based). You can buy a "sensor+mount" bundle and save a couple of pounds.


Here, a long time after these nice things are released, and commonly available in ths shops, I see that they are now marketed as "Pan/Tilt" sensors.

And I hear from guys who ask me how to mount the SRF05, that they are not using this one, because they do not need Pan/tilt - just a nice way to mount on to the servo!

It would be a god idea if you marketed it as a Pan sensor as well. And I recommend that you in this promotional material place the SRF05 inside of the top bracket, facing outwards. Looks better, is more compact / takes less space, is faster in the turning.. if it can be done, because I am yet to get my hands on one, still using glue ;)

Nifty mount for the SRF005 and the SHARP IR Sensor




Could we apply the same design priciple to a product whose purpose is to connect two servos perpendicular to one another such that they provice two degress of freedom to ... whatever the thing is which is attached to the other end?

I think this would mka e great "other" LMR product.

Maneuver suggested the same thing to me last week. We are prototyping a simple bracket that would attatch to a servos existing mounting holes and allow you to mount a second servo at 90 degrees as well as providing a pivot point at the bottom of the servo. We will make this in two sizes to suit minature and standard servos.


Almost exactly what I was imagining as well, and was planning on making my own in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future.

The bearing BOA could easily go in a U bracket too. At least I hope y'all are planning a U bracket to go with it ;) Those two pieces would make for Dagu's own version of a servo erector set. If you wanted it to go cheaper than bearings, even a pin and bushing would be better than just a machine screw.

I'd also suggest putting the pivot hole on both sides of the back, so the servo can be installed either way. That makes both left and right brackets available in one part.