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Mounting brackets for SRF05 (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

SRF05 is still IMHO the best low-cost distance sensor.

And there is still no good / smart / fancy / easy / pro / cheap way to mount the darn thing on a turning neck / servo / front..

We now have a good contact to DAGU from China who makes cheap and cool robot-stuff.

So.. I thought.. Why don't we make some suggestions to how we would like such a mounting thing(ey) shaped and made? And then ask Jack from DAGU if he could start producing it?

This was my idea.. and now I need your help and ideas towards the design :)

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That's EXACTLY where I'm going with this. I'm talking about a $800 construction kit for under $100.

I didn't think of that. So far we have just ordered a few samples to check out. When they go into production I will make sure that the extra hole is there.

Thanks mate :D

Again, this is what I envisage. One change I would make to this one, again, though, is the addition of the opposing bearing.

Do we have a DAGU product requests section?

Hey BOA, good to hear from you. so far we just have a 3mm hole in line with the servo shaft for a 3mm screw to go in. We could add a bearing but we were trying to keep the price down. For minature and standard servos I don't think a bearing is really necessary. It would be a different matter with the big heavy duty servos.

As for request to DAGU. I think from now on, if a forum is posted that is tagged "request to DAGU" then that should be sufficient. I still look at LMR nearly every day even if I don't have a lot of time.


My experience with making leg and arm joints with PVC or even 2mm aluminium is that it twists and there's backlash. A lot of this is removed by adding a bearing. I'm not talking about a ball race or anything. Just a pin. Look at the kneew joints on my biped. That just wouldn't work without an opposed bearing.

Sure with the hole, one could add a pin and that might be dones by sticking a bolt through it. Would there be clearance for the bolt head at the bum end of the servo?


Clearance for bolt heads is the first thing I thought of. The original point of this bracket was to provide a bearing mount at the rear of the servo.

Sorry, when you said "We could add a bearing but we were trying to keep the price down" it wasn't clear that the intention of this bracket was to provide a bearing mount!!!

OMFG, you guys are my heroes, i was just looking for that and spent hours to find a solution... and you come with that, with the bonus of the pivot point which is exactly what i need! Ô_ö

Do you know when they'll be available? Because i still have to buy the servos but i'll wait for those to be ready!


And i was thinking, maybe people in here could create for example blog entries tagged "DAGU open letter" or something like that, in which they'd put their needs they think DAGU could help them with, and if 1) it's doable and 2) other people show interest in it, then DAGU would know they could seriously think about it...

Exactly what BOA did in this topic, but it would be easier for DAGU to follow those ideas!

Good idea. We could base it on the same design. Modifying a single bracket from the DAGU sensor mount so that is can solidly mount a servo without anything interfering with a servo horn attachment.

If you look at the picture 4 in the image below of Oddbot's mini servo mount for the DAGU sensor bracket, it might be as simple as removing the sides of the bracket, and providing a mounting point for the "horn" side of the servo.  You would leave the top bracket off entirely.


I imagine it might be necessary to re-inforce the bracket if it doesn't have the sides to add stability.

The more I think of it, the less I like this approach.

Maybe I'd just glue a couple of the servos together and call it done. ; j 

Ok.. Did you just make that drawing to make that comment?

Serious respect if so!

Anyway, mu humble contribution, from project TIRDNKWIIT (wrongly pronounced by some as "turd'n quit"), this close up, that I just thought may be of some inspiration:


(No it's not two axels, but it gives an idea of the "what to lock's, and a way to do it", on the servo on the left)