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Mounting brackets for SRF05 (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

SRF05 is still IMHO the best low-cost distance sensor.

And there is still no good / smart / fancy / easy / pro / cheap way to mount the darn thing on a turning neck / servo / front..

We now have a good contact to DAGU from China who makes cheap and cool robot-stuff.

So.. I thought.. Why don't we make some suggestions to how we would like such a mounting thing(ey) shaped and made? And then ask Jack from DAGU if he could start producing it?

This was my idea.. and now I need your help and ideas towards the design :)

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That is just about the coolest!!!

Jack can write DAGU on the other side ;)

Boy, that is cool!

Your mass-produced bots should also have links to the first ever posting of the bot. And in that link to first prototype posted etc. A VERY nice way for people to really dig what they have bought. And a very cool way to link to the products.

Imagine this sort of thing on other parts? Wicked!

Jack is happy to print a link on the parts and where possible the logo.

Jack is our man!


But I still don't understand this. This is what confuses me: both parts have the exact same width, haven't they? If one of them were wider (by two material thicknesses), one could "embrace" the other. The builder would choose which one to fix onto the servo. The other one would hold the sensors.

Am I jumping the gun here? Is this merely a detail in execution of a brilliant plan?

Wait a second: I could just move the upper brace sideways by one thickness.

|   |
||  ||
 |   |

 instead of

|     |
||   ||
 |   |

 Symmetry is so overrated.


Symmetry is so overrated!

(I vote for that just as a general point)

Originally I was just allowing for them to be offset as you just worked out but my understanding is that it would be made of aluminium sheet and could probably flex enough to work either way.

If you have a laser cutter on your bench, then go for it. otherwise dig out the exacto knife.

It is not a question of whether you can make one or not. It's the old question of how much is your time worth? And what else could you be doing creatively?

The same argument goes for making your own pcbs versus sending them out. Ask Chris is he could have made as quality a pcb as he received from the boardhouse.

It is a personal choice. No slaps necessary.


I'd use polysmurf but at any rate the point is moot. This was not my idea or project, I just got drafted (pun intended) since no-one had put up any drawings.

I think DAGU will make these in the near future either out of sheet metal or moulded plastic.

I was never that impressed with the quality or durability of parts made from the poly-puke material. Interesting stuff though.

For flat objects, expanded polystyrene (Sintra), or castable urethane (Aluminite) or acrylic sheet  would be a better choice.

For some interesting laser cut objects, check out Thingiverse http://www.thingiverse.com/

DAGU will probably go the bended sheet metal route, based n their Mr BASIC kit. The set up charges are much less for bending and punching metal than creating a set of molds for plastic.