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Mounting brackets for SRF05 (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

SRF05 is still IMHO the best low-cost distance sensor.

And there is still no good / smart / fancy / easy / pro / cheap way to mount the darn thing on a turning neck / servo / front..

We now have a good contact to DAGU from China who makes cheap and cool robot-stuff.

So.. I thought.. Why don't we make some suggestions to how we would like such a mounting thing(ey) shaped and made? And then ask Jack from DAGU if he could start producing it?

This was my idea.. and now I need your help and ideas towards the design :)

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Thanks for those dimensions. The ping would have been on a slight angle using the existing slots so I moved the slots to suit it and added some more to allow the servo horns to mount at 25 and 30 degree angles just to complete my swiss cheese design :)

I think this can be called complete now. here is the new variation.



This looks very nice, you are very clever!

Unfortunatly I am not. How does a SRF05 fit to this, I just don't get it?


OH! The holes in the corners!! Omg! But then.. The.. argh, I still dont get it!

One plate has holes to suit the SRF04,05,08 the other has holes for Sharp IR, Maxbotix an slots for Ping))). Both have slots for servo horns and any other sensors not mentioned.If you can't mount a sensor on this then your not trying hard enough :P
That looks bitchin, I want one (or three). Do you know if it'll match a PING))) ?  Do you need PING dimensions to answer that? I'll supply numbers if needed.
I haven't got the dimensions of the ping sensor, Please post them here and I'll adjust the bracket if necessary

At the request of DAGU I drew this design but I cannot find dimensions for the SRF05. I have tried to make it universal but feel free to add your own suggestions / ideas / dimensions. I have the same hole pattern on both sides for flexability. The bracket is 50mm x 30mm and the holes are 3mm diameter except for the centre holw which is 5mm for a small screw driver to tighten / loosen the screw holding the servo horn on. Perhaps it should be bigger.There are holes for Sharp IR and Maxbotix sensors as well.


Could you maybe dull those corners a bit? Make them 45 degrees or round?
Of corse. I was concentrating on mounting holes when I drew this.

That's a really good design Oddbot.  Have you thought about making it tiltable like the Robodyssey mounts?

Here are some SRF04 dimensions, which the SRF05 seems to match, as well as the SRF08. The SRF02 is similar but bigger than the Maxbotix LV-EZ0. The SRF10 has no mounting holes, have seen it in a mount using grommets around the transducers.

 The GP2Y0A02YK is a little bigger than the GP2D12 sized IRs.  I've considered the GP2Y0A710YK, but no apparent back facing mounting hole, only one middle vertical hole. 

Up until now I only had a sharp GP2D12 and a maxbotix EZ1 plus a handful of servo horns to work with. I will incorporate these new dimensions into the design.