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Mounting brackets for SRF05 (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

SRF05 is still IMHO the best low-cost distance sensor.

And there is still no good / smart / fancy / easy / pro / cheap way to mount the darn thing on a turning neck / servo / front..

We now have a good contact to DAGU from China who makes cheap and cool robot-stuff.

So.. I thought.. Why don't we make some suggestions to how we would like such a mounting thing(ey) shaped and made? And then ask Jack from DAGU if he could start producing it?

This was my idea.. and now I need your help and ideas towards the design :)

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I don't have a SRF05 thingy but from my experience a piece of plastic at a 90 degree angle is all you need with a servo horn screwed onto one face and the thingy on the other.

You can buy plastic angle at hobby shops or possibly hardware shops. Polysmurf also works well :D

Yes, and some clever LMR-member also soldered he's onto a perfboard in an 45 degree angle, making a nice base..

However, a better overall "housing", especially one that had servo-ready mounting would be nice.

The problem is always that it is so hard to make the 2 holes so they fit. And this is why I would like a pre-made casing / housing..