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This is the Tank Doser Rover.
its my first decent arduino creation.
i have been fiddling with this robot for a while but i couldnt get any movement out of it.
ive used a pololu dual serial motor controller and 8 AA batteries.
those tracks where donated kindly from Frits.
the chasis is only temporary, i have ordered another chasis from JayCar Electronics.
i didnt want to post without a video or i would most likely get badgered ;)

i mentioned this bot ages ago in a post near the bottem.

i plan on adding two bump sensors but not for a while.
if you are wondering the chasis is a plastic box with holes in it for stuffing the arduino in when testing and its quite a low budget bot. im rather happy :)

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Just a question, Would it be alright, if i made a tutorial for this robot?
its a rather simple robot but took me ages to get to work. any arduino newbies would appreciate it.
If you think you can help others then go for it!  That's what this site is about :D

the cutouts where relatively easy. i doesnt take very long cos i dont have to worry about making a mistake cos be honest who is gonna miss a tiny plastic bin. actually the bin was used for screws. It used to have a load of screws in it,(wood screws).
i used very basic materials, instead of bolts and nuts i used hot glue. i couldnt find a suitable axis so used some left over lego.
i think i will have a bucket like shape on my second chasis just to keep up the bucket bot style.

You say you plan to replace the chassis, but I think it is great!

I've never seen anyone use a plastic storage bin like that, It seems just perfect for experimentation. It is fairly light weight, sturdy, makes it easy to mount components, just dump them in!

Was it difficult to make the cutouts in that material?

You've inspired me.  I'm going to make my next bot from a bin like that.

There is nothing wrong with lego but you will find that you can do more now that your expanding. It does not have to be expensive to be good. I agree with Jklug80 that you should light up the robot. LEDs are a good addition to any robot.
Red for forward, blue for backward, green for left, yellow for right, something to add some flair ;) The plastic would diffuse the light and really make it glow.
I love how he is driving around with his guts in a bucket. A true Frankenstein robot! Also good use of repurposing items for the robot base. Add some LEDs so when it is in a dark room the bin lights up.
yeah. the lego just wasnt cool anymore. plus i had this stuff lying around and i never used it. so this is it.


First i Thought "WOW", they have the Yellow Tracks again! But then, I saw.. ;)

Good to see that you make use of your prize! Nice box, you are moving on rom LEGO, cool :D