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Tank tread vs 6 wheel drive vs WTF!, which is better?

I notice that most people on this site like robots with treads. I used to be a fan of treads too but after seeing videos like the ones below I think there are better designs out there. Even 4x4 does pretty well when you look at rock crawlers like the ones in the 4th video

What is your opinion? What is the best or the coolest design you've seen for an all terrain robot?

Have you seen a design that is just "too wierd"?

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  We have the technoligy but not affordable to the consumer yet. Seem most Hi Tech comes from the military. I am not into guns but the robot that climbs stairs was very impressive. If it can carry a gun, it can carry a six pack. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/06/video-robots-firing-guns/

Just seen this post now, what amazing machines!!!

I love OFF-Road cars, and that one is a huge beast!! The RipSaw is f%&#* amazing and the 6Xwheels BigToy rocks as hell !!  

If I have to choose I really don't know wich one...  

And for the weirdo and most original is of course the MTRAN!


I am thinking in hacking one of these, maybe the TIGER. Than I look at these and.. hummm why not and it is a lot cheaper.. and finally I look at these and I think it would be cooler, I'm getting tired of wheels  :)    I think I'm confused....  lol


Thanks for that video of the hydrofoam car/boat/planes. I have seen it a long time ago and forgot about it. I've added it to my list of weird and wonderfull videos.

It was the fact that I was tired of wheels and tracks that inspired me to make the caterpillar.

Yes, and your caterpillar is an amazing artwork!

I am working on a project without wheels and will post as soon as I have some results  :)

I thought it was just a cannon at first till I saw the men. If you've ever tried to straighten a bicycle wheel then imaging adjusting the spokes on that sucker =0
now that would be a bugger. russian tank designers are crazy they planned big tanks like the t-35.
Tom J
Thank you for those very inspiring vedios.
Thank Robologist for some of those vid links. I started this forum to get and give inspiration. I'm glad you were inspired :-)

If better means : easiest to implement, then probably wheels. Here is the most capable outdoor robot I've seen, Dave Andersons jbot.

If better as in getting over more terrain, tracks can get over some of the softer soils as noted. Here's a page on homebrew tracks

Best of all in getting over the most terrain, might be legs.