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Tank tread vs 6 wheel drive vs WTF!, which is better?

I notice that most people on this site like robots with treads. I used to be a fan of treads too but after seeing videos like the ones below I think there are better designs out there. Even 4x4 does pretty well when you look at rock crawlers like the ones in the 4th video

What is your opinion? What is the best or the coolest design you've seen for an all terrain robot?

Have you seen a design that is just "too wierd"?

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I agree that legs, and big dog is the best example I've seen, can cover some pretty rough terrain. Jbot was my inspiration for the 6 wheel drive chassis along with the 6 wheel drive buggies of "The Banna Splits". How many members are old enough to remember that kids TV show?

But what about cool? what about original? How about just plain weird?

I heard a rumour earlier this year that there's going to be a new series of the Banana Splits.

What's the secret password?

Fudge? :D
No. Ping-pong balls

For cool, I think tracks do pretty good. Seems why so many attempt them, when wheels would generally function better for the robot being built, in the environment it is traveling in. Most recent cool tank vehicle, that would have fun playing tag with Crusher above, is RipSaw.

Original? Maybe the Axel Rover? A Cockroach robot? M-tran modular robot?

Weird? Maybe the Theo Jansen influenced Mondo Spider? The Riot Wheel?

Looks like a Klann Linkage.
Cool link, gives a very helpful descriotion.  No wonder the Mondo Spider sounded like it was stomping on toes, cause it was!
The Klann linkage looks like it would be better over rough terrain as it lifts its foot higher. Thanks for the info Rik. If I get time I might make a Klann linkage based robot.
I think the "M-tran modular robot" is probably the weirdest, coolest and possibly original bot I've seen.
And another mod-bot, forgot Festos Molecubes.