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Tank tread vs 6 wheel drive vs WTF!, which is better?

I notice that most people on this site like robots with treads. I used to be a fan of treads too but after seeing videos like the ones below I think there are better designs out there. Even 4x4 does pretty well when you look at rock crawlers like the ones in the 4th video

What is your opinion? What is the best or the coolest design you've seen for an all terrain robot?

Have you seen a design that is just "too wierd"?

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I wasn't as impressed with that one. You don't see the cubes attaching / detaching and looking at the connectors I don't think they're designed to detach automatically.

I think one fault in the design of these robots is the exposed mechanical connections that can be affected by dust / dirt. 

I am thinking of having a go at this sort of robot but using a magnetic circuit to lock / release / repel the individual sections. The case would be sealed against contamination. Communications would be via optical serial link. Power shareing could be done via induction although this is less efficient than a good electrical connection.

It is a Rubik's Cube developing sentience! OMG that's freaky!

I love the Landmaster video, thought that was a cool vehicle. I remember wanting to build a robot with the tri-star wheels to climb stairs with. And I do sorta remember the Banana Splits too.

M-Tran is pretty cool, and not far from your snake servo-bot. Just need to find a way for the sections to attach and detach.Think there was another modular robot here that was interesting. Seems there are several Universities trying them out.

Threads would be better in soft places (sand, mud).


And there is a way to make good outdoor threads cheaply: bicycle chain. You drill holes in it and put long screws through. So it is possible to make like 10cm wide thread what has chains & wheels in both side.

And old bicycle chain from bicycle shop costs like... nothing. Old wheels for chain cost nothing too. Or if you need new wheels then like about 2$ each (from my local bike store).

hey i have a reasonable experience with lego, the technic range has little suspesion kits you can buy, just search it up on the website, but they seemed perfect for a small set  of tracks to add suspension if you guys want to try it ;)
There is nothing wrong with lego suspension but the robot in the second video didn't need it, in fact it would be worse off with it. When suspension is needed I've found clothes pegs are cheaper and come in at least two different designs.
one looks pretty fluid over rough terrain. I like that one. 
But then I'm bias, I created a walkthrough showing people how to make one before I saw that video (thanks to Totoro Yamada)

I think the difference is not given by the 6 wheels design instead of the threads. The point is that that thing has amazing suspensions. Real tanks have suspensions, while the threads we use don't. In my opinion the best way to move on a rough way is, without doubt, by using threads, but with suspensions. 

I'd say the "robotic" threads are more for show-off than utility. 

Lot's of bomb dispocal robots do have treads withouth suspension..It is also more rugged and easier to build