Let's Make Robots!


just walks at the moment avoiding objects

My first attempt at a robot and will not be my last. Why didnt anyone tell me it is this much fun ?

Based on 2 photos of "stomper". I went to my local hardware shop and bought a 2M length of 10mm angle ali and a 1M length of 8mm round ali and some nuts and bolts. 5 Hours later with another trip to get some more nuts and bolts, the hardware was finished. I had a couple of servos lying around and have been getting into PICAXE programming so I had a couple of AXE020 boards also. I pinched a servo and the ultrasonic sensor from my eldest, who is doing a computer science degree and had them for a project ( he wont notice ).

I have a CNC Mill that once I get working ( I'm having trouble with the z-axis ) I'll make a version out of clear acrylic using micro servos.

For more photos of the construction and the finished bot goto :-




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gahaha another stomper addict :)

post a video plz

Nice stomper! Post up about your CNC! Is it home built?

It wont let me embed videos from flickr :(



The CNC isnt home built its a s-720 from cnc-step  

Sweet and simple design, really something to trigger the appetite for further robot building.
Im hoping to see more of the alking sort of bot. 
the video is fucking hard kore :D

HaHaHa I love it! Cool to see my "Stomper" project has inspired another! We keep this up, there will be more metal bugs on LMR than on some old episodes of Stargate SG-1. :-) I am delighted you put this together with just a few pictures of Stomper. I guess I chose my pictures pretty well :) Also makes me happy I took Stomper out of his long (4 year) retirement and posted him here on LMR a awhile ago. Yours makes like what, the 3rd or 4th?? hexapod of similar design since I posted Stomper.

BTW this is also inspiring to me as well - my thought of giving Stomper a brain transplant and some new abilities is getting a bit higher on my priority list... Good work, thanks for sharing it with us (and mentioning Stomper in particular)!

STOMPER LIVES ON! Soon the world, Bwoohahaha! ;-)