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How to make an Arduino Bucket Bot

Alright, everyone starts somewhere and its always helpful to be told something that actually makes sense.
this doesnt have and sensors however its intention is flexible enough to do so.
so shall we.

what you will need is:Arduino Power SuplyThe Arduino
a bucket like plastic base
a differential drive thing (eg a segway, tank )
Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller
http://letsmakerobots.com/node/359 get the one
with the manual.
Arduino Deicimila
Arduino Proto Sheild
Jumper Wires
two sets of four AA holders

1. ok first what your gonna want to do is make sure
the protosheild fits snugg and all the pins fit.
then place the Motor Controller, next to a 20c peice AU.tiny little motor controller on theProto Sheild
breadboard in a preferable position.

2. in the picture of the Motor Controller the pins 1
up are from left to right. connect the positive wire of
motor power sorce to pin one and the negative to pin
two. then with one of the jumper wires connect pin two to the ground on the Proto Sheild. Now connect the 5v out put on the Proto Sheild to the pin three.

3. Connect pin four on the Motor Controller to
pinJumper Wires 7 on the Proto Sheild. Now connect pin fiveBucket Bot without its Guts
on the Motor Controller to pin 8 on the proto
sheild with another jumper wire.

4. for the next two pins on the motor controller connect the positive then negative wires respectively and then the same for the last two.
To see how this ends up there is a photo.

 5. ok now comes the most difficult part, programming. if you do not already have the programm you can download it here
 step 4the pin lay out is so that you want really have
to do any real programming.
open the arduino sofware and in there copy and paste
the arduino code halfway down this page
connect the arduino to the computer then upload the program to arduino.
pic below...uploading

now you can play with the code
to make your robot do other things. in my video i simply
replaced the void loop with

  SetMotor(0, 0);

you can copy and paste that in
between the curly brackets right after the  void loop() .

Now attatch to power sorce and watch your robot come to life.complete bucket bot
ps. you need to chuck its guts in the bucket.

well thats the tutorial short that it is and please complain if you have any complaints ( obviously ).
try adding bump sensors with help from the "How-to Tuesday" videos from Makezine on youtube  under button.


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awesome build man.  Also, that pic is lol, Edgee!

And a great little bot too, plenty of room for expansion. 



I honestly wonder how many buckets this good sir has recieved?