Let's Make Robots!

Robots, dogs, and tortillia

Hello again.  I'm starting to feel a bit shameful.  I hope I am not posting too many videos.  Is this OK?

Ok.  So, I'm doing all this on the fly.  I'm sorry I haven't posted anything about the hardware or the software I'm using.  I'm still creating the software to control my robotic arms with phidgets.  I'm having alot of fun with it too.

I swear on my laptops grave that I will soon start on a project to automate this process of feeding my dog, (no tortillias though sorry! hehe.) via sensors, time of day, etc soon!   And maybe hopefully provide and an interent control here on letsmakerobots with live video.

I thought this was a really fun video to make! And I want to share it. 


 Oh I forgot to embed!

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That's hilarious! Well behaved puppy for waiting.