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Hey guys,

I finally recieved my Picaxe28X1 and used a small breadboard to hook it up. the problem is that I got it connected and the computer isn't pinging the picaxe. I have tried many different hookup methods including the one in the picaxe manual made just for the 28x1, the one on ...node/597, and a few others that I found on picaxe manuals on their website. when i got the code edditor up and running I tried to play with the com port settings but was unsuccessful. I clicked the test button in the com port setting and followed the directions with a multimeter and the test passed (i.e. I was able to get a negative 1 result with the button off and a positive result with the button on. this proves to me that the serial cable was made correctly and that it is reaching the serial in and ground pins on the picaxe. Still after this test I was unable to ping my picaxe from the program editor. I have tried many different methods of hooking it up but seem to be failing saddly.

on the upside my simulations run rather well.

if anyone has suggestions or advice please feal free to help.



PS: I will post pictures of the different circuits I tried tonight when I am neer a camera at home


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I was attempting to rebuild the entire board from memory the way I origenally had it (according to the 27th page of the Picaxe manual) and tried to plug it in. strangly it worked I don't know how and I cant explain it in any way. the only thing I can guess is that it was a different computer (4th one I tried) or I had a faulty connection that was fixed. but if it is the connection that was faulty then why wasn't it fixed the first 3 times I rebuilt it? I don't really understand and I am not sure that I should try to pry into why it is now working and just accept that to wants to work for me now.

also I was using the serial cable without a usb adapter as I just found my adapter as I got home about half an hour ago. hopefully me adapter is comatable.

lastly here are some pictures of my newly working (hopefuly with the adapter as well) picaxe28x1



I just want to make 100% sure you did the following (otherwise this doesn't make sense altho it could be different for seriel and USB connections as I've only used USB).

Right click on my computer

click properties

Click hardware tab

click device manager button


You should see something similar to the following. Since mine shows AXE027 PICAXE USB on COM 4 I set the editor to com 4.

Open the PICAXE Programming Editor


Click Serial port tab

Select the correct com port (from above example would be COM 4) 

Click ok


I'm not saying you didn't try this, but it doesnt make sense why it would only work on 1 out of 4 computers. It should work with any PC... Except maybe Vista :)

With USB the OS should detect when it is plugged in even if you dont have the board connected. The CD should have the drivers on it.
Post a picture of the breadboard and make sure the com setting on the picaxe software matches that the device manager says it is on. This took me a while to get right when I started. Also sometimes I had to disconnect the cable from my PC, wait for it to disconnect from the OS, and reconnect for it to work. A reboot seemed to fix that problem once and for all.

"make sure the com setting on the picaxe software matches that the device manager says it is on."

I only have one com port in the computer that I am working on so I don't think this is an issue if I am interpreting this sentence correctly. I tried rebooting with the circuit on and connected and I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting along with changing computers. 

you mention that the OS responds sating the device was disconnected... is that with serial or only USB as the OS didn't respond when it was connected or disconnected. I also was unable to find drivers for it online so I assumed that the serial version was obvious one of the many serial devices that don't need drivers. was I wrong in this assumption.