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Futurlec is cheap... but so slow...

I've ordered a bunch of components almost a month ago... and still nothing... they say they sent it, but for now no news...

It was only after i ordered that i saw a post saying they're slow... and indeed they are... -_-v

 I really hope i'll have it newt week!

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Same happened to me. Then I mailed them and they said:

"Look we don't have this item you ordered so we were waiting for it to arrive and then we would ship them all together. Do you prefer if we send you all the other items and keep the other one in backorder?"

And i said yes, and after a week the items arrived. The other item which they didn't have was sent without having to pay the shipping charge again. Maybe they just won't tell you one of their items is not on their shelves because they do not want you to backorder it from them (because they will pay the shipping when they send it). (MAYBE)

SOLUTION: mail them! 

Good advice! I mailed them and sure enough they didn't have a couple items in stock.. I asked them to replace the items with other ones, they did, and they even credited the remaining difference back to my card. Order shipped! Mailing futurlec goes a long way.

I only use Futurlec to stock up on general stuff, transistors/resistors/caps/ICs/connectors etc because I found it`s the cheapest place. I always try to buy before I need it, and buy more than I need. I know by the time the stuff gets to me I will have thought of something else I want to make and need components for.

I've only made 1 purchase with Futurlec, it took 3 months to be delivered.

In this day and age, that was totally unacceptable.

I'll never buy from them again.

Plan B: do you know of any other similar sites to order from?

I buy different parts from different places, which may or may not be the right thing for others depending on where they live....


I like Digikey, Mouser, Jameco, and a couple local places here in St Louis MO USA, for electronics components.

Other parts I buy from other places....but I've always felt that up to a point, you get what you pay for.

So while Futurlec might have cheap prices.

How much is your time worth when your stuck waiting on the parts to arrive?

When I order from the sites above, my parts are at my door within 3 days. But I live in the USA, so I'm closer than people in Europe. I would think there's a few places over there that would be a good deal for you guys, without waiting for shipping across the ocean.


Thanks for the answers guys (couldn't answer earlier, i had some big troubles with my computer -_-v )

Well, i didn't ordered specific things, just resistors, caps, leds, stuff like that. But that's a shame, i forgot to order few things like transistors or relays, but looks like i'll have to find anoter website (i don't have any store in town!)

My futurlec order I put in on the 5th just arrived. ~7 days to get to Japan. Maybe they got someone new in dispatch?

After exactly one month, i got my stuff... too bad i don't need any more some of the components, too bad i forgot to order some i need now...

Funny thing, i thought it was an american shop, but actualy the invoice says Australia, although the package comes from... Thailand...

Mine also came from Thailand. Did you mail them or you just waited for it to arrive?