Let's Make Robots!

Closest shop to Belgium


 I'm rather new here. ( Actually I was here a year ago once, but now i can't wait any longer... I want to make my robot )

 Where would I best buy my parts? ( I'd like most to buy all my parts in one shop, or isn't that possible ? )
UK isn't that far for shipping, so do you guys know some good shops in UK ?
Or other shops that are not far away from Belgium ?

 Thank you Guys !

Kindly regards Laurens

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owkej, thank you

I think i've found a solution... i would buy the kit of ' boe- bot ' to learn the basics.

Do you think this is a good idea ?

Any kit for less than 50 Euro, that will teach you about making your next bot by yourself, is money well spent.
Make sure it includes shipping.

I cannot recommend any kit. Never bought one except for Mr basic. And he is not a complete robot.

Ow, the boe bot costs 140 euro.


i didn't know there are other kits...

I'm not saying there are other kits. Just that any kit (that you MIGHT find) under 50 euro would be an awesome buy. Please let us all know when you find it!

I say: EUR 10 finder's fee!

but on antratek and conrad can't you find everything ?

i'm thinking on the picaxe starterpack and so on

I'm living in Ypres, are you from belgium too ?

BTW, how do you say picaxe in dutch ?

I'm from belguim to.

I'm from Dendermonde

You dont't. Just say Picaxe. Pik-eks.

You can get your stuf from conrad or from this site http://www.antratek.nl/

This people have great stuff.

I've got my robot stuff from the.

Antratek has a little to high sending price of 15€.

Where in belguim do you live?



@Rik, you are from the netherlands.
Is shipping from usa not very expensive ? ( i calculated it and it was 50euro ! )

It was not too bad.

A small package from Alberta, Canade cost me $15 for six motors (value around $48).
A similar package from Colorado, the USA cost about $13 for picaxe and electronics stuff (value around $67).

I never received any tax bills.