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Newbie - Pleased To Meet You!

Hello all. I am so glad that this site exists, and I'm so happy that I found it!

As soon as the wife and I sell our house and move into our new one, I'm going to be building a drum machine robot. One of my good friends linked me to the Yellow Drum Machine robot this morning, and now I am hooked. This robot hits home to me a little bit because I used to be a drummer in a moderately successful rock band. The same friend that let me see the Yellow Drum Machine has built his own R2-D2, see http://www.chrislee.tv/robotics/r2blog.html

I'm not claiming to know much about robotics, but I have always been a science/numbers guy, and I've built many computer systems. Technological singularity is one of my favorite subjects of research. To get right down to it, I'm really excited about delving into this site and really getting a grasp on things.

It will be a month or so before I get started on my first robot, but I wanted to introduce myself in hopes that I can meet some new friends on here that will help me through my building experiences. I hope to be an integral part of this community.

So, I hope I can count on some of you to help me through a steep learning curve. If you think I should start with something smaller, please let me know.  



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Hi Jeff! Welcome to LMR! And remember, as Frits says : all LMR are belong to us!


G'day Jeff, since you sound like you'd be interested in musical robots, have you seen "The Trons"?
You might also like to check out Cacaphonix, a different style of drummer bot.

My friend told me about The Trons just two days ago. So great!

I have to admit that, like the end of the second Cacaphonix video said, I did laugh! That was great! 

would pay to see the trons in concert. 

Welcome to the LMR community! Ah, another drummer robot! I can't wait to see it! Fristl's YDM (Yellow Drum Machine) is what brought me and I'm sure several others to this site. Have fun building it and be sure to share pictures/video of it! Ask questions here, there are some very knowledgable people that frequent LMR regularily  - to stay on everybody's good side though, be sure to look around a bit first and as they say here sometimes RTFM :-) Anyway, nice to meet you!

We all look forward to seeing what you build!

R'ing TFM is something that I do even when I get a new toaster, so I think I'll fit right in! 

Thanks so much for the welcome, I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone better...


Hope you have fun building your own drummer! Frist laid it out well, so only thing might be getting through the programming. Simple things are, just getting the devices to talk. People recommend trying a program to simply make an LED blink as a good starting place, and maybe try reading a sensor and reporting the data read as something to try next, Just give it a show when you can, and you'll do fine.

Thanks, guys! Like I said it will be at least a month before I start, and until then I'm just going to be doing a lot of reading in the evenings. Are there any other good resources that you can point me to?


Nice to meet you mate.