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Runaway robot


Text is in danish, sorry. It's about a danish shop that bought an iRobot vacuum cleaner. On the first day they put it to work in the shop and left it to its job. After a while, the shopowner asks if anyone has seen the robot. Nobody has seen it and it turns out that it's gone. They suspect that it has run out the backdoor, which was left open by mistake, and nobody has seen it since. 

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sir, i request you give some ideas to making robots as a small projects

Now that is a cool reply! 

/ Fritsl

Maybe someone has pasted it from google translator.
 Possibly having found the Danish text.

I don't speak Danish, but if I had to guess, I'd bet that the headline ("Robotstøvsuger løb hjemmefra") translates to "Robotvacuumcleaner's bid for freedom". I'm pretty sure of the first word ('staubsauger' is German for vacuum cleaner and Denmark is right next door), and 'fra' is very likely to be related to 'free' (as in the German 'Arbeit macht frei')
...but, then, I dont speak German, either.

No, it is an ad, it says "You need a life insurance", and then a text on why. 

/ Fritsl

Damn. I thought I was on t something. It's a hard language!!

Sorry - it was a joke :) 

/ Fritsl

Oh. So how close was I?
Pretty close. It's "Robotvacuumcleaner ran away from home"