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a 3 legged walker

Hi everyone!

 I have been thinkng about building a 3 legged walking robot. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to start or go about it?



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Three legs isn't very stable, so you'll have to design it to be stable on two legs. Are you thinking three legs in a row or in a triangle?

In a row would basically be a biped with a third hip connected alongside. For a triangle type you would need to be able to shift the center of gravity. One solution could be to have two legs functioning lika a biped, and the third as a stabilizer (or "tail") that only touches the ground during critical moments in the gai. I don't know. I'm just rambling here...

thanks guys...both ideas are somewhat what i was considering. I was thinking of designing a star wars droidekas. That youtube  video has given me some design ideas. But yes....it still we be a balancing act...

check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id79X6aNTEw&NR=1 

It looks like the front two legs are doing most of the job and the back one is some sort of stabilizer, as maneuver said. As far as i can see the two front legs move one at a time and then they both stand still to let the back one move. Maybe you only need to shift to weight to the front when moving the back one, as one the other one moves there's no need to shift it (you haev the back leg which stabilizes the drone).

I am not sure it moves that way though

the movement looks fine but because this is just a computer animation I wonder if the physical movement is correct as in the "real world". In other words, there isn't a balancing problem because its only an animation...
That's true. But after seeing your artoo i guess you'll want to make it as close as possible to the one shown in films :) so i thought it could be of help
I'm sorry i forgot to include in my reply thank you very very much...the animation did give me afew idea's none the less :D
I would love to see a "real" droideka - good luck on that! I've thought a bit on the rolling action, and came up with a few ideas I want to try some time, but not the tripod walking thing. My thought was "one hard thing at a time"! Interesting YouTube video that robologist came up with. I hadn't seen that one! WOW!
Yeah, I agree with you. I may be following that concept but on a much larger scale requiring a few modifications to make sure it doesnt fall over after the first 2 steps.....as I have mentioned earlier....if it was easy it wouldnt be any fun ;)


I always thought this was a wicked imaginative solution to the 3 leg mobility problem.

It falls and rotates its whole body around 2 legs.  The sensor platform would be flipping upside down and right side up - but that could be a good thing (possibly) for scanners and such.