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Father's Day Contest

Gadget GangsterNick at Gadget Gangster has announced a PICAXE Father's Day Contest. 

Gadget Gangster sells  prototyping boards and parts, as well as, kits based on user submitted designs. (Yes, you get a "piece of the action" for each kit that is sold.)
To enter, send a PICAXE design based on his new BOSS protyping board, Top prize is an USB oscilloscope and second place is a bench power supply.
The BOSS board is designed to work with any microprocessor, PICAXE, Propeller, AVR. 
Gadget Gangster BOSS Board

You can even get a free pack of boards, including the BOSS board, for signing up as a designer.

Here are some links:
Gadget Gangster home page  http://gadgetgangster.com/index.php
I've recceived my designer pack of boards and am working on my entry.

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I signed up, where is my free stuff? I can't find a click or link or anything!