Let's Make Robots!

Almost a robot page worth


My Theo Jansen Walker is getting closer and closer to a robot-project-page-worthy machine/creature. The port side is now complete but not finished.

Complete in the sense that I have all components designed, purchaged, built and even assembled. Not finished in the sense that it will not move! Hence the lack of video. Photographs will have to do.


There is friction in every moving part of this finger trap. Too much friction for the pulley on the motor shaft to handle. It is grinding through the teeth on the timing belt. I will have to figure out which part is the big trouble maker. And then sand down some of the plywood parts as well. And then lubricate all the pivots with bees wax. And find a better way to tension the belts. Or maybe start shopping for much biger ones.

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I think you want to check this out:


will do