Let's Make Robots!

And now for something completely different : MontyPythonSillyWalkBot

Moves weirdly, works at the Ministry of silly walks, tries to dance but is as bad as me

Like many all of you, i like robots. Big news. But i especially like robots that walk, that crawl, that jump, that fly... like OddBot's Caterpillar, or Fritsl's Skiwalker for example...

So i wanted to make something which moves in an unusual way, and here it is... I couldn't figure any name until i saw it moving, then it was like a revelation : it instantly made think about my favorite Monty Python sequence : the Ministry of Silly Walks. For the crazy ignorant people those who don't know about, i included the video, enjoy... :D

As it would have been pretty difficult to put any sensors on it, it's remote controlled, i got the IR receiver in a broken tv-decoder-thing, and i use a remote control from an old Sony camera (and thanks to robologist and CTC in that thread)


The case is a modem-case that i took apart for the components, and as always in my robots, there's a lot of blue tape ^^ The IR receiver is the small black thing next to the led.

A view from the other side with the remote control. As it comes from a camera there are less buttons than in a tv remote, and some buttons are decoded the same way by the picaxe so i ended up with a dozen of different commands, which was enough for this robot. But now that i know it works, i just have to buy an universal remote for the next robots...


I know the wheels should spin at different speeds, the one on the floor should be slower, so i looked at that pwmout thing, but looks like the picaxe 18x can only handle one (and i need two), i managed to do something with loops and pause, but actually it was pretty worthless as the robot moves on a carpet, so i decided to let them spin at the same speed. And it works like a charm...

And as usual, now that it's finished, that i played with it, scared the cat, took pictures and filmed it, i'm gonna unbuild it and make another one :)



I just found a new trick with Youtube (i should say Yooouuutuuube), looks funny with the video so enjoy! :D

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I absolutely love this! I really want one! If they where for sale, I'd buy one. I want to program it! Could one make it go 50/50 and spin on the discs, so it would "stand up"?

Wow, thanks for all those nice comments! :D

 "Could one make it go 50/50 and spin on the discs, so it would "stand up"? "

Well, i already thought about this, especially since  Ajster talked about the discbot contest, it's possible but i need to make few modifications, like inverse the places of the batteries and the modem case so that i'll lower the center of gravity... I also would have to attach more firmly the cds to the wheels, 'cause now they're just attached by a piece of double sided tape.

Well, i can say that with all those comments guys, you just saved his life!




(at least for now)

Totally 5 stars!!! 

This is the kind of robot that inspires me a lot and makes me want to build more original bots  ;)

Congrats! ;)

ANother comment:

I tell you, this design has something:

Browsing all robots on the site, seeing the image of this one makes me do a little puff of air out of my nose in a semi-laughing smile.. Just the tought of the way it moves, while browsing for something completely else :D

It must be his russian-dancer-style




And again, thanks for all the motivating comments! :D


What a great bot. Creativity to the max!
vety cool !!!

first let me start by saying. WAY COOL! but how about some remote control arms and hands and make it dance around like a little monkey. lol

LOL! Brilliant!

Beautiful. A true Montey Python robot. Just learning the power of CD wheels here. lol Can't beat the cost and recycling is the future. Loves dancing robots. I think the geek girls will love you. lol