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Robot arm from DAGU

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Cool arm however i would appreciate some more info.. maybe a link.
it looks rather solid and sturdy. lol those kids are so mesmorised!

Here is the link for robot arm.


Wow, aluminum parts and 6DOF AND a controller for $150? The Lynxmotion 6DOF arm I used for Steve The Disembodied Robotic Arm was something like $265 and made of Lexan and didn't include the controller at that price. This looks really interesting.


Well, I didn't "inquire" either... Is this right? $150 USD including servos? Is there a price not including the servo driver? I guess what I am asking is: Can I get some solid prices?
I guess the question to ask is: Who sells this?

RTF (post)... I went to the link... Yeah, umm... the price is right there in the post title --I'm an idiot.

--Still got the question about the servos included or not.

I still wonder where I could purchase this. Because the "shop"-link does not sell to indivisuals, aparantly!
With support for 32 servos you could use it as controller for a hexapod robot. Mount the arm on top!

I've just ordered one of these and 3 ultrasound sensors. Expect to recive my stuff next week and I'll update you when I've had time to play a little with it ;-)


Claudia ,i buy a DAGU robotic arm this winter and i'm very happy but now i erase the squetch from the cpu !

It is possible to have the program(sketch)  ? And How can i drive Servo(pwm) whit a shift register(m74hc595) on the back of the DAGU robot arm ? I have an SPI interface and it work fine, that's why i loose the original program.

I'm new and i begin whit a posibly big question and i'm french guy in a frocess learning english.

Hi ! everybody