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Robot arm from DAGU

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Claudia ,i buy a DAGU robotic arm this winter and i'm very happy but now i erase the squetch from the cpu !

It is possible to have the program(sketch)  ? And How can i drive Servo(pwm) whit a shift register(m74hc595) on the back of the DAGU robot arm ? I have an SPI interface and it work fine, that's why i loose the original program.

I'm new and i begin whit a posibly big question and i'm french guy in a frocess learning english.

Hi ! everybody

I've just ordered one of these and 3 ultrasound sensors. Expect to recive my stuff next week and I'll update you when I've had time to play a little with it ;-)


With support for 32 servos you could use it as controller for a hexapod robot. Mount the arm on top!

RTF (post)... I went to the link... Yeah, umm... the price is right there in the post title --I'm an idiot.

--Still got the question about the servos included or not.

I still wonder where I could purchase this. Because the "shop"-link does not sell to indivisuals, aparantly!
In Claudia's profile you will see an email adress where you can ask questions and buy from her.

Oh yes, Nice, that's new, but very handy!

Cool. Better than any webshop; Just write Claudia, your personal assistant, she fix stuff!

hrmmm group buy from the US...I'd be interested....especially if this comes with the servos and controller....damn nice price for it all.
The 150$ robot arm comes with both servos and controller, but the shipping cost  is various depending on different countries.
Well, I didn't "inquire" either... Is this right? $150 USD including servos? Is there a price not including the servo driver? I guess what I am asking is: Can I get some solid prices?