Let's Make Robots!

RoboGames 2009 in San Francisco

Hey all!  I haven't been to the site in a while, but I'm dropping by today to announce that I will be attending RoboGames 2009!  The event is from June 12-14 in San Francisco, and I'll be attending it on Saturday (the 13th).  Unfortunately I won't have time to build a sumo bot before the event, so I won't be competing this year.

I'll be checking out all the events, but I'd imagine the combat bots will be the most entertaining, so that's probably where I'll be for most of the day.

A link to the site is below.  If you're going to be attending, let me know!  I might even make an LMR t-shirt to publicize the site.


Events: http://robogames.net/events.php 

I'll bring my camera and post pics/videos to the site when I get back.  Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

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You are an absolutely despicable person unless you take me with you. Of course coming to Texas to pick me up might be a bit out of your way. Ok, so maybe you're not too despicable. But I so wanna go to one of these.
It'd actually be kinda cool to get a small group of us lmr folks together. We'd make our site proud!  :D

Hey man, it's been a while, good to see ya back!   I'm checking with a friend of mine who has family that her and I can stay with up in sf. If she doesn't have to work,  then I'm up for heading up there and meeting up with ya.  It sounds like something cool to go to as well as a nice sf trip  :D.