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Transmiting Video/ serial data

Well after seeing Jim lovells updated bot i've decided i want my next project to go towards that direction. Sorry i still dont know how to link the post right but its here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6820. And starting either next year or in a few weeks ill be be the president and founder of our schools new robotics club : ), i think for the first meeting i would want to show a bot that would demonstrate a wide range of tech. My plans centered around a start here robot with maybe an added line follower routine, and appropriate sensors, and now hopefully a live video feed from a mini-cam/ data commands via wifi or bluetooth.

I glanced at frits tutorials on wireless for cheap, so i think i can have one wireless module on the robot itself, and maybe an 18x or something hooked up with another attached to my comp, that would take care of the movement controls, but im interested in something like what jim did and i want a video feed. He said he used a video trans/receiver pair, i was just wondering if this was connected to the picaxe (it would seem not) or if its just seperate. 

Suppose i wanted to replace the rx and tx with a wifi or bluetooth module, i know they can get a little pricey but i want to put on a good show. Is it possible to interface the camera with the pic? the manuals didnt seem to mention it, and i dont know about converting video data to serial then back to video. For the final product i would like to have the pic communicated via wifi to another wifi device, say an ipod touch. I somewhat get the hosting part, but its the video im mainly concerned about. 

Im looking to use the same camera (http://www.supercircuits.com/Security-Cameras/Board-Cameras/PC300XS) but i have absolutely no clue about the video transmitter and receiver. I suppose i could buy one of the cheap 40$ tuner cards they sell at best buy, but is there another cheaper way to transmit video wirelessly? With my PTA grant, im looking at a budget of around 100-150$ so it would be nice to find a way other than the tuner card. I've also checked out the qwerk bot which uses a webcam, im not sure if there a difference. It would be nice to have the cam and bot run off the same power supply. 

 Right now this is a really rough idea, just putting it out there to get your feedback. 

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I have one of these: 



ANd its spot on, i have it being fed into the computer via a composite cable from the reciever into a dazzle 100 capture card and then into processing. 

This makes me wonder, if I have the transmitter, would this work on any 2.4ghz receiver?Does it have to be tuned?

I know that both units that i have have selectable channels(solder points), I think 0-3....if I can just get a reciever that outputs to a DV output, this could save me some time while avoiding the  risk taking the eyepiece apart and breaking it....

Let me know because that would save me mucho hassle. 

Well, I don't recommend supercircuits unless you have the cash to spend cause they ain't cheap.

An alternative is to get one of these for a few bux(its gone up to 60 but down from 130) and scavenge parts. A few people here have mentioned them on the forums, me included, as a cheap way to get a nice chasis for bots as well as a wireless camera setup. You will have to do some desoldering and building of a circuit, but thats part of the learning process. I wouldfind something to practice on before desoldering the vid gear if you get this. If you don't you could damage the camera gear. I think sparkfun sells the desoldering tool, but you could get it at radioshack or other hobby electronics shops.


I bought one but haven't pulled the video components off of the boards yet. I did however also get one of the buggies a while back  for around 50 and pulled the video off of that so I know it can be done. You can see my notes here where I describe the components used and give a little detail into the exp.


You could always go the rought of wifi video...saves having to convert the video to digital media....but what fun is that.  :D 

the spy car totally slipped my mind, I guess ill probably going with one of those. I've had a little experience desoldering things from when i stated building BEAM bots, but i think i need to the the clothy stuff, i only have the pump which leaves solder in. Judging by your first picture, it looks like thats the complete camera set up, minus the power. I'm going to order one this weekend, but ill probably be back w/ more questions about the video sending and reciving. thanks.

The sending of video should be simple. As long as everything is powered it's sending the video stream. If you're looking to piggyback serial data on the video/audio signal, I'm not sure how that would work. I know that the tank verison sends audio as well, but not sure if it's a datastream(honestly not sure how most of that works). If you're going to be sending data as well, you may need to use a seperate rf setup. I was planning on using both bluetooth and the video transmitter signal.

One way to digitize the video stream is to use a video camera that allows for input of a standard video signal (rca connector) and make a breakout cord from the headset. I've read about people doing and and there are instrucitons on the net on how to do this. This is what I'm looking at doing as I can do live captures of the video(via video cam input) and output it via firewire from the video camera to my comp and some sort of capture app.another way to capture the video though not as clean is to just hold the headset display to the camera lens. Yes I've done this so I know it works.  :D maybe I'll even post the video one day....

lol, i think kipkay has a video on his channel called like seeing in the dark or something, he connects the eyepiece of a video cam into another camcorder so he can record his video. Im not too woried about sound, i just want the video streamed to my computer. The serial data can be taken care of with radio modules. If ya get it working i'd love to see it.