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Power supply x 2 for PIC28x/40x

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if we can use two power supply when using a PICAXE 28x or 40x starter kit, one for the motor or servos and the other for the board or circuit.

Thank you.

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Sorry I didn't ask correctly. How much can you put to the other power supply (v2). The one that goes to the motors and the servos. I understand thet you can't hook it up to a car battery, but how much current can you put?

from picaxe for dummies: " Take off the jumper, and connect a seperate power-supply to V2 (and that power supplie's G to ground, goes unsaid from now ;) - and the board will have V1 to the circuits and inputs, V2 to power external stuff, and G for all of it.

That way you can feed the chips with 5V, and the motors with 12V that would otherwise kill the chips."

- Will my servo (pixace servo uppgrade) burn if i hook up 8*AA to V2 (12v)?



Check your servo specs. I believe most servos have a max voltage rating of 6V.
5vdc for the chip usually, just get a regulator.

How high voltage (/ampere) can you put on v2 without burning the chip?

how much will kill the standard servo? (servo from picaxe upgrade pack)


Any tutorial about that? Please.
You´r right about the starter kit, but there is also a 28 version witheout de 40 pin i think.

I´ll probably buy this one. http://loja.comprobotics.com/product_info.php?cPath=124&products_id=224

Thank you

Yes you can! And it is very common.

As far as I know, there is not a 40x starter kit. 

The 28 is prepared for it. 

/ Fritsl