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The Caterpillar (production prototype)

Educational robot for schools and universities
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Caterpillar Evolution video shows how this project has gone from a simple hobby robot to a mass produced robot. The first clear ABS caterpillar is now up to mischief in China :D


Update 3 of July 2009

Well the first prototypes came out of the factory and of course some calibration is always required. DAGU contacted me to say they had a problem. It seems the program needs calibration to work with the new roll sensor as resistors can vary slightly even when they are all marked as the same value. Consequently the caterpillar constanly thinks it has fallen over and needs to get back up. The end result is quite funny :D

Whoops!, my mistake :0
I specified a different analog input in the schematic to what was being used in the program.It's all fixed now :D

I have posted some pictures if the new circuit boards used. The Antenna now use springs where I had wire, this is a big improvement as occasionally the wire got bent when stuck in a corner or getting back up on it's feet. Once the wire was bent it kept thinking it had hit something.

The IR sensor has been moved to the top of the roll sensor board so that it can recieve IR better.








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Congrats dude, you can be proud of yourself! :D
The first mass produced LMR product. How cool. nice additions too. Caterpillars cute factor just went up another nodge.

I hope we will see edward on the shelves one day :)


I received some questions about edwards design. Problem is: there is no design. The 3x08M robot will have proper plans for reference and/or reproduction
Splatbot has no plans either and the MKII was not designed for mass production. I have had a lot of work to do but I think it's worth it.

Wow Oddbot !

That's great!  I like the led's and the self-righting is awesome too.

Your my hero!  Well, this and the sunscreen for thermal paste was the clincher.

Forgive my nosey-ness, but do you get some profit for each of these sold by Dagu?  The idea of making this into a career is just too tempting !

Yes :p

My advice is to buy a Mr. Basic and show him how good you are in the competition if you haven't got anything else to demonstrate. 

Dude that is too cute! Fun little robot, congrats Oddbot and Dagu!