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DataLogic TL 10 Optic Head Color Mark Reader

Vendor's Description: 

Just found this in the bottom of a box at work.  Kind of an interesting piece of equipment.  It will read a color mark on a flat surface (at a distance of 1").  You set either dark on light or light on dark using the flip switch on the back.  Then you calibrate it to certain colors by turning the knob on the back.  When it senses a change in color the lamp in the back lights up (or turns off depending on configuration).  It runs on 5v and 12v.  The output is either high or low (0v or 12v....actually its 0.7v or 10.9v).  


Its pretty darn accurate, I tried it on some of my text books and it was able to distinguish between Gold/White, Red/White, Orange/Black.  Not really too sure what I'm going to use this for, any ideas!?!








Picking up gold on white (Signal Low): 



Signal High:



Testing on my old pal, oh the long nights we spent together




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It's just plain cool that's all I can say. Lens and light mmm!

used by automated line following factory machines