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Japanese vending machine

You just got to love the Japanese vending machines!

Back home, the vending machines just pushes down the goodies when you order someting, here a robotic arm picks up a little tray, gently moves it to the opening, and waits there for you to pick it up. Then it parks the little plasic tray. First time I saw itm I could´nt beleve my eyes!!!

Any robotics enthusiast just have to love it!!!


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ahh yes .... jamed vending machines, happened almost everyday at school. Funny thing was people thought that ordering stuff obove the jamed object would make it fall .... they were wrong, it would just pile up and continue pilling up ;)
it's much more fun to punch the ones that jam. Like the ones in my school :)
I've seen various vending machines similar to this, for drinks. One had a conveyor belt to move the bottle to the side, and the other had a box built into it very similar to this one.
no jams :D