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Which Battery Pack for the PICAXE 8 Pin Proto Kit? (9 volt?)

I just received the PICAXE 8 Pin Proto Kit from Sparkfun (yay) and it comes with what looks like a 9v battery snap clip but the datasheet says that I cannot use a 9v battery.  The text states:

"ONLY USE A 4.5V or 5V battery pack, not a 9V PP3 battery, as the power supply."

So what kind of a 4.5v or 5v battery packs uses the snap type connectors?

On a similar note, I wonder how many people have burned out their PixAxe chips because they didn't read the instructions fully and just pluged in a 9 volt batter. :) 

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The starter pack comes with a battery holder, I think a 3 cell(3.6-4.5)depending on the type of battery(nimh, nicad,alkaline) you use.

 Since you have to build the proto board, why not just put a 2 pin connector on their for the type of battery back you will be using. 

Radio shack has little 4 cell holders with a on/off switch so you don't have to pull the plug every time. 

 This is something similar to what I use, though the one I have has a switch and is compeltely sealed but the connector works great for this small proto board.


Q: "So what kind of a 4.5v or 5v battery packs uses the snap type connectors?"

A: Any & every.. almost :)


I think it is actually the 9V battery that is the odd one out - as I understand it, it is a standard connector, also used by this batery.

The packs costs next to nothing, and I recomend buying bulk. Reason; They are (the ones you should get) made in thermoplastic plastic with "press-stud terminator".. Meaning that the battery holder itself acts as a fuse when (not if) you make short-cuts.

Any and every robot-shop sells them.

/ Fritsl