Let's Make Robots!

Papillon Solar-AirBot (Captured Edition).

Solar-AirBot, Collects Sunlight, Flaps its wings, Gets caught by Solar Powered Venus Fly Trap, soon to be a Solar-Sundial Clock



Papillon Solar-AirBot. Update Venus Solar powered TrapBot.

Summer is approaching - Butterflies magically emerge to catch the lift of the warm air.

This SolarBot Flaps to the challenge and takes to the Air.

The Power is supplied by a SolarCell wired up as a Miller Solar-engine. 

Its wings are powered by a locomotive style piston arrangement.





In this Video you can see the Totally Automatic Solar Powered Venus FlyTrap (aka Venus Fly TrapBot) catching Papillon whilst she flys over it quite unsuspecting.

The Trap is activated by movement detected around the base off the Lethal Gripping Leaves.

There is a mechanical Limit Switch to switch of the FlyTrap when it is fully closed.

















 Miller Solarengine :-

 37x33mm SolarCell 6.7V & 31mA

 0.47 Farad SuperCap

 4.7µf Timing Capacitor

 1381 C Trigger 2.1V

 2N3904 Transistor

 1N914 Diode

 Solarbotics SCC3733 Module



 The Wings are powered off the drive wheel of a 81:1 geared Pager motor.

The loco-motive Piston type arrangement gives a 2cm linear-vertical movement - cool for the realistic wing upstroke.

The Piston is a Cable-Tie, its flexible and slips easily over the metalwork.

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This is so cool, Gareth!

It's beautiful Gareth. Not really a fair battle (like the trp cares!), as its giant leaves double as sun blockers for the dangling photocell of the butterfly.

To make the fight a bit more fair, you could place the trap's photocell inside its leaves. When they close, it takes aways its own energy. That might actually help to automatically release the butterfly again. Somehow.



Awesome. I'm anxious to see it become a solar sundial. 
Perfect - When are you going to make the opening and closing pedals of a flower for it to land on?

"Neat idea" - "Petal Station" .....Unleaded.........

When i have finished the "changeover switch" the actuating arms at the "Pit Lane" could be concealed in a "live" flower (lightweight tissue-paper)....cooooool.

It would be very simple to make an opening Solar-Flower ........ my goodness LMR should really open up a factory to make things like this.......Get your Soldering irons out..........





Here is a schematic of proposed "Petal" Staion.



It will be Solar Driven using Miller Solar Engine.

The output will drive a secondary "Orange" cog to slow the movement down.

Locomotive drive "Blue Shaft" giving by my calculation 2-3cm vertical linear motion.

The "purple lines" maybe thin elastic (not sure or just cotton) so there will be a little "give" or "feathering" when it folds together.

These will then pull down the "Green" levers close-ing the Petals on the Down stroke and opening on the UP stroke of the "Blue Lever". 

 The "Black"  thingies on the "Red" ring are pivots.


(-: Paper Grid is 4mm² :-)


Four mm, I ask you! tisk tisk

Perhaps the opposite end of the track could have a Venus Fly Trap design. More of a Dark Side of The Force kinda thing. Sensing when the butterfly touches it, trying to close its arms around the flutter before it gets a chance to flee again.

It was only until i was cycling to work this morning that i twigged what a venus fly trap was Duhhhh. i was confused with the other one --a "pitcher pot" fly catcher that they drop into...... anyway...

Not such a bad idea - at least there would be two extra interesting interactive goals :- who would be stronger - have to "mull" over the mechanics - the switching should be straight forward (but also random hehehehe)

Here is the First contender - Thanks for impulse rik...........

Blogged Here with Video - maybe i make a separate Bot entry