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Dagu's Ultrasonic Sensor testing

I've made some testing with the ultrasonic sensor from Dagu. Tests were made on the platform the sensor is build for, the Asuro. The sensor works pretty well, most of the the time. The range of obstacle detection is from 0..25cm. Sometimes the sensor dismiss an obstacle, when the objects is not directly in front of the robot.

 The video gives some impressions, how this sensor works.

USCollision.zip42.16 KB

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Sorry, no typo. That's what I found out with this sensor. Maybe the detection software isn't perfect, but I think the problem is, that the US transmitter is directly driven by a microcontroller output. A more powerful driver would increase the detection range.

The limited range is a combination of limited signal amplification and the method of detection. My EZ1 sonar also runs of 5V but has up to 6 meters range. It is also a case of you get what you pay for. 25cm is still enough to avoid a collision.

Only 25cm? Or is that a typo?