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Mouse Robot from DAGU

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For some robot hobbyist, the function of PC mouse isn’t just serving for computer, with its case, we can build a lovely robot kit.

Recently, DAGU has designed such a kind of LMR Mouse robot for promoting LMR site and products from DAGU. If the mouse robot hits something, it will be backward and stop for 2 seconds, then run forward.


It is very popular in China because it is so simple, cute and flexible that attracts many children’s eyes.

You can regard this LMR kit as an useful material for robotic experiment , or as a gift to give anyone you would like.


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Is it a Printed Circuit Board, right?

And what about LMR?

 Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to the garage makes you a car --Laurence J. Peter 

LMR = lets make robots aka this website.
more like "LMR is lets make robots, glad to help" not "LMR, whaddya think?!"


I'd be interested to know if anyone has made a line-tracking version of this (in a computer-mouse casing)

FOUR DOLLARS? wow, no wonder you guys are the favorite of LMR. Your stuff looks great, and it is inexpensive! That's one of the major problems with robotics as your hobby, too many things are too expensive. Thanks, DAGU! :)
Nice! It should use mouse's optical sensor data for linefollowing :-)
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