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Gift for LMR Mr.Basic Buyers

Sounds everybody is waiting for my good news.


But firstly I want to say sorry for all problems comes with Mr.Basic.


And explain what happened.

Intially our structual engineer had came arross such a problem of axle, and he asked the supplier to resend correct-spec ones, but without informing the Packing Department.

Unfortunately before the correct ones arrived, the Packing Department have packed all Mr.Basics.

Worse more, after the holiday, nobody mentioned anything to me, just asked me to send them to Taiwan.

It is such a bad experience that we should be carefully in each step of all projects.


Every LMR Mr.Basic buyers who had problems can write to me, let me know what parts are missing or not working, then I will resend all required parts to you.


Besides, everybody who ordered a Mr. Basic Promo edition (both those that works and those that did not) will get a free Mouse Robot as a gift. 


As I sorted out all mentioned parts, I will send them along with the gift next week.

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Well, that's very decent of you. I'll start assembling Mr Basic as soon as possible to see if any parts are missing or wrong.

 Thanx Claudia!