Let's Make Robots!

SPYKEE for everyone!

wifi remote control vie the net

I was looking at the sit when i saw the need for the internet controlled robot.
coinsidently i had my spykee sitting around doing nothing. only one problem. i have no idez how to actually control it remotely from the internet.
so if you guys are desperate enough to walk me through it or anything please do. it is controlled by wifi, has a web cam, light (led), catipillar treads and self parking system ( that means it backs itself into the charging bay).

hope you guy get to use it.
there is a site www.spykeeworld.com

zombie spykee














The Spykee bot works now over the net if anyone would like to play with it please e-mail me at

thanks guys i hope this is what you wanted.

 so it should work. we tested it once. i will maybe test it from school.



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It is explained in the manuel -chapter 8 


For some reason I get a malicious content warning when visiting spykeeworld, so it might be a bit dodgy, or it might just be stupid filters.

edit: The spykee bot looks pretty cool, but it might not be that hackable and still useable as spykee. 

I used to play on the BP Explorer page a fair bit, when it was up. One thing i noticed is that people will be determined to put your bot into positions you didnt want.

 I am sure the BP explorer guys did all they could, but the amount of times i saw explorer bots on their backs, side, jammed on top of fences, etc.

I got some good pictures of the roof and some hands/feet though!

there is a robot at UWA that can be controlled from your pc. its called the telerobot or something but its really good fun. its an arm with lots of little blocks that you can pick up drop or even build a tower then knock the bricks off the table to be LOST FOREVER! or until admin gets it.

its made from k'nex and it is a kit