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Which motherboard (basic stamp?) to choose

hello me and some friends are making a robot, and i would like to know which motherboard(basic stamp?) to choose. i need something above average to put several kinds of sensors and stuff on it. any ideas?

thanx in advance:)

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Start looking at the manuals as they pretty much answer all of your questions. As for a camera, depends on what you mean by hooking it up. I'd just get started with getting a robot to roll forward and detect object before thinking about cameras and other things.

You will be programming the robots, ie wrtiting your own code. It'll help to look at code that other people have posted to save you time and also to learn. 

check the manual for how to connect it to a pc. You'll be using either usb or serial(oldschool) .


I suggest first to get your robot to roll and avoid objects. There are many IP camera's that can transmit video to your Wi-Fi router and that can be seen on the internet. Plus there are several network boards that connect the internet to a robot so that you can click on a button on a web-page and the device converts it to customizable serial commands that will work with any microcontroller.
and manuals can be found at?..

Click on the "Data Sheet" link for manuals but here is the link that I found:



is the AXE022 model compatitable with the 3v x2 version microcontroller?

Please change the title of this to something like "Which motherboard (basic stamp?) to choose".

Thank you.

("hello! i need some help!" is a really bad title for anyone trying to navigate the site and find information)