Let's Make Robots!

Buying the same is so cosy!

Just my 5 cents:

It should come as no surprise that I am really happy that DAGU has chosen to be friends of LMR. It has a lot of advantages!

However, it also broght something new and unexpected with it; We are all (50 of us) getting the same toy! 

I dont know, I just think it is so cosy, in the need of a better word. So I had to write a blog entry about it.

And then we all had the same problems, and we all had the same talks with Claudia from DAGU, and we all thought she is so nice, and we all got a free mouse, that we all..


I want to see if we cannot do some more like this in the future, get the same stuff for fun. And I hope DAGU will back me up! A nice Chinese robot-parts manufacturer is such a cool thing to be friends with for a robot-builder community :)

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Oh I know! It would be cool if they could make more gearbox kits in the future!