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8 Pin Motor Driver Board AXE023

Vendor's Description: 

A project board for the PICAXE-08 microcontroller. Provides 4 digital on/off or 2 reversible power outputs- with a single input. Includes PICAXE-08 and L293D ICs.

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The AXE023 is only about $15 US, not $68. 

I know Rev_Ed charges  a lot for a shipping but not that much. 

Yeah , I noticed. I had some trouble converting value from pounds to kuna and then from kuna to dollars. Thanks

I just purchased a few of these from RobotShop.com, but can't find any documentation there or here. I've flashed LEDs with an -08m, and look forward to controlling motors... I understand the basics of the driver chip, just need pinout info and specs for the headers on the AXE023.

For those of us who got the LMR MR BASIC, This has mounting holes on it that are drilled the exact same distance as the middle 2 posts on the MR BASIC. It does seem kind of appropriate to use a really basic controller for a BASIC robot. I mounted 2 micro switches on the front bumper using 1.5mm copper wire wound through the micro switches and then through the bumper. Now I'm back at home I'll take some pictures and upload them